Need us to come and speak to your group about nutrition or personal health? We can speak to your group about several different topics including the following; nutrition/diet, performance nutrition, weight loss, strength training, muscle hypertrophy and Training for the athlete. Fill out the form and we will contact you back and setup a date to come and speak to your group.


Our Awesome Clients

William Hawkins

Cincinnati OH

My trainer helped tailor a workout specific to my goals and physical needs. (I recently had surgery when he and I worked together)
He followed up at regular intervals to ensure that both, my goals were being met, but also that I was managing physically. I saw regular positive results and gains in targeted areas. We worked through a shared drive to adjust reps and workouts with regularly scheduled follow up zoom meetings and phone calls.
The workout was well balanced and thorough. I would highly suggest my trainer (A.J.) at EBF as a coach for anyone looking for physical improvement whether compromised like myself or simply wanting fat loss and muscle gain.

Brooke Tarpey

Louisville KY

I’ve worked with a few trainers before A.J. and he is by far the best I’ve worked with. he is extremely professional and encouraging. He adapted our program to meet my changing goals, time, and motivation without ever discouraging me.
Prior to working with him, I felt stagnant in my progress; but with guidance I saw huge changes in my strength and abilities. I wouldn’t recommend any other trainer.